The Power of IP.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, industrialised countries are turning into knowledge-based societies. As a result, Intellectual Property - Trade Marks, Patents, Copyrights (IP) - has turned into one of the most important drivers of economical success. An in-depth study has revealed: IP accounts for 39% - 4.7 trillion EURO
- of the European Union’s GDP.
Mission Statement Use Your Brain.
Gesundes Wachstum.

Strategy IP Consulting.

Make, buy, or sell? Cabbage & Hare is providing research and analysis of IP. We work with companies, institutions or private persons to develop strategies of protection or growth that: enable our clients to maximize opportunities, align with their business goals or protect their IP assets- and, therefore, their competitive advantage.

Advanced IP Services.

Ours is a unique organisation which combines all the different Intellectual Porperty specialisations. A team of experienced IP experts combines all legal, business and creative expertise. Cabbage & Hare offers a complete package of services to help our clients to protect and develop their Intellectual Property.
The Power of IP.

Turning Intellectual Property into value.

Rights Management.

Brokerage and licensing of IP assets- developing and negotiating of IP related contracts (licensing, franchising). IP legal services-registration of IP rights, litigation.

Brand Management.

Strategy consulting and management- brand positioning, brokerage, research and development, assisting in product development and distribution, royalty auditing.

Business Development.

Strategy consulting- identification, evaluation and support of strategic growth initatives across sectors, licensing, sale and acquisition of IP assets.


Balanced Growth.

A wide range of license services is being carried out on behalf of the no. 1 global brand for fitness, health and lifestyle. With 40 editions and dynamic websites worldwide, it’s the leading source of information for and about men.

Mission Statement.

Turning Intellectual Property into value. Trade Marks, Copyrights, Patents: combining all different Intellectual Property specialisations, we enable our clients to maximize opportunities or protect their IP assets.

Hyperlocal App.

A wide range of IP legal services - such as Trade Mark protection and know-how licensing - is being carried out by Cabbage & Hare on behalf of the leading hyperlocal App in Europe. Our client is providing content services pertaining small, geographically defined communities.

The Power of IP.

The European Office for Harmonization in the internal market published an in-depth study (September, 2013). And now we know: IP accounts for 39% - 4.7 trillion EURO - of the European Union’s GDP. The study is highlighting the central role of Europe’s IP-intensive industries as drivers of innovation and growth.
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